Tuesday, November 06, 2012

If Obama Loses, It's Racism...What Else?

Since they can't blame George W. Bush on the results of tonight's election results (although, believe me many will try) the left-wing loons in the media who seem to harbour some racist tendencies of their own are using unsubstantiated polls (in which they make their conclusions based on the percentage of answers of one question in particular) to try to sell the tired lie of "America is racist."  Ann Coulter's new book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama makes several great points (with historical references) on this matter.

Race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made a career of supporting race hoaxes that are vehemently supported by the MSM that say nothing about their gross incompetence (as well as their being accessories after the fact to murder, rape, theft and assault) when these hoaxes are exposed.  The latest of which (other than false "hate crimes" against homosexuals) is the Duke lacrosse team non-rape case of 2006 in which lives were ruined over false allegations by a woman who, by the way, is now on trial for the murder of her boyfriend and the "Jena Six." Media personalities such as the disgraced Nancy Grace and always ill-informed Bill Maher   rushed to judgement without a shred of credible evidence.  Grace going so far as to call the Duke players guilty on her Headline News show bearing her name before the case even went to trial.

It's cases like these (and many more throughout the last three decades-at least) that add fuel to the race-baiting fire of whack jobs like Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz (aw heck, the entire MSNBC line-up) and apparently the vastly paranoid and white-guilt-laden Sandra Banks of the Los Angeles Times that has convinced them that racism in America is much, much worse than it ever has been.  And there in lies the excuse of the left should Barack Obama become unemployed.  It doesn't matter if you're white and voted for Obama in 2008.  To prove that you're not a racist, you must vote for Obama in 2012, otherwise you didn't really vote for Obama in the first place, says supposed "expert" Andrew Sullivan.  Unemployment is lower than when Obama took office?  Decimated al Qaeda?  Saved the auto industry? (maybe Sullivan can explain  why Ford didn't need any "saving.") He has carried through on almost every election promise?  He told us it would take two terms?  Why? It only took Ronald Reagan one term to make provably vast improvements in the economy after the debacle that was Jimmy Carter's presidency.

 "What the hell  is the colour of the sky in this Sullivan's world?  Or Obama's for that matter if he thinks people don't pay attention to his "evolution" of opinion

But that folks is the ace in the hole for the petulant left.  An overwhelming percentage of whites voted for Obama in 2008.  That should have put the "America is racist" cries to bed once and for all.  But to really prove America isn't racist, regardless of his failed policies, you have to vote for him again.  If you don't, guess what that makes you?


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