Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Matthews Glad for Hurricane Sandy

You read that right.  Chris Matthews, the disgusting, uninformed, race-baiting loser over at MSNBC publicly stated after Obama's election night victory actually stated on air that he "was glad we had that storm last week," referring to Hurricane Sandy that ravaged the east coast and left hundreds dead and without food or power.  All for political points and photo-ops that may have turned the tide and stopped the momentum of Mitt Romney going into election night.

Although Matthews "apologized" for his hurtful and callous remark, it doesn't change the fact that he, in his little disgusting liberal mind, saw the death and destruction of of people and property of New York as a political advantage for Obama.  In a nutshell  this is exactly how liberals think, pretend you care for the masses, then when their guard is down Obamaholics say what they really mean.

The damage is done.  It doesn't matter if he apologized.  Would it if he were a Republican or a FOX News commentator?  Absolutely not.  From Matthews to Ed Schultz, to Lawrence O'Donnell  to every other host on the joke that is MSNBC.  MSNBC is not a joke you say?  If their race-baiting, white-washing of history and accusations of code-words and dog-whistles (except when they do it) doesn't scream hate, what else does?

I'm usually not one for taking someone off the air for their views or opinions, but this clown has had so many strikes against him and he and his keepers just don't seem to understand what a detriment this clown is to civil discourse (I guess Tingle didn't get Obama's message in 2008-09) and facts of history, he must be made an example of.  His empty apology means nothing.  Rush Limbaugh became their meal of the week (or more) after he called a nobody a "slut" and they called for his head as well as his career.  They didn't count on their plan to boycott his sponsors (that did result in him losing some) resulting in other sponsors lining up to replace the timid and cowardly ones.  Limbaugh apologized, but that wasn't enough for the left, they wanted him permanently off the air.  So why no outrage for Matthews?  I'm not talking about some on the left ooh-ing and ah-ing, "you shouldn't have said that," I'm talking about the same outrage they would have for Limbaugh or FOX News whenever they uncover the left would rather have stayed covered up so they don't have to deal with it and reveal their hatred for their country and all that value the rights and freedoms that she represents.

Imagine, just imagine how a right-winger's career would have been destroyed, utterly stopped in its tracks if they had said this about Katrina?


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