Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New Obama Picks Typically Up His Ally

When you take a close look at President Obama's new choices for head of the CIA and Secretary of Defense, John Brennan and Chuck Hagel, respectively, their past statements and modern opinions of those same beliefs show exact;y why Obama had them on his list of appointees; their beliefs are right up his anti-Israel/Marxist alley.  First off, RINO Hagel, who's anti-Israel and anti-gay remarks have caused him to gain numerous left-wing communist allies to those in the American MSM and Congress that, much like Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, would like to see the Jewish homeland disarmed and destroyed and gays put to death.  His anti-gay comments, which would predictably end the career of any Republican, have been magically forgiven by the left, who really do seem to forget their so-called principles when in dire need of a politician who has gone AWOL from the GOP.

No need to drag on or bring up hatred of homosexuals; he's already apologized for it, with the Democrat paper-of-record in his corner, it's already forgotten about.  No doubt to be completely erased from the annals of liberal history.  After a while they'll just argue the comment never happened.  That's what's called the RINO Special.  No need for a public flogging or a need for him to resign.  He's a friend of the left now.  Remember Robert Byrd?  No matter how many times he uttered the word "nigger" in a 60 Minutes interview-supposedly after his apologies and letters of sorrow to the right people in the DNC-he could no longer do no wrong and his racist stench had now somehow become an aroma reminiscent of spring-morning lilacs.  Did I mention that Byrd was an actual member of the Klu Klux Klan?  No matter.  No crime is too big or racist ideology to grand for anyone on the left that can't go away inside of a week when the hypocritical left and their media enablers allow them to.

Brennan for his part, are you ready for this, says Islam "helped to shape his world view."  Do you think a CIA director should be in the camp of "Islam can do no wrong?"  Will he apologize "on America's behalf" of 250 years of American "imperialism?"  Will he "side with the Muslims, should the political winds change?

And this is the temperament and ideology Obama looks for in his cabinet.  Everyone from Eric Holder to Timothy Geithner to Janet Napolitano to Susan Rice.  All extremists, all willing to lie and smear opponents to the bidding of Obama.  Obama's pathetic and historically deficient ideology himself?  That's another story entirely consisting of a domestic terrorist colleague and friend, a radical ideology and associations and a unimpeded, undeserved trip to the top of the political world that includes a compliant media with too much white guilt to ask honest questions.

Prediction:  with these beauties in the Obama administration, Iran will get the bomb, facilitate further terrorist activities into Israel (which Obama and Hagel will secretly rejoice over) Obama will inevitably give his "there-there" consolation speech to the people of Israel (with their homeland most likely smoldering in the background) while doing absolutely nothing about it.


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