Thursday, February 28, 2013

Liberal Media Salivating Over Woodward

In times of strife, instead of searching out the truth and admitting their mistakes and deceit, the left is doing what they always do when they disagree with one of their own...salivate at the chance to devour him.  In this case, it's long-time liberal sweetheart journalist, Bob Woodward.

You see Woodward has apparently strayed from the left-of-center camp and done something to which liberals can never forgive him for, he told the truth about President Obama and the sequester; namely that it was Obama's idea from the beginning and now the liberal media-doing what they do whenever they are about to eat one of their own, they have begun besmirching and threatening Woodward.  And where is Woodward's fellow journalists?  You'd figure their first instinct would be to protect one of their own, especially a man of Woodward's reputation as being the man (along with partner Carl Bernstein) who took down President Nixon over the in famous Watergate scandal.

This is what happens when liberals smell blood in the water...even if it is from one of their own.


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