Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Liberal Media Hypocrisy

I can spend the next year chronicling the bias and hypocrisy of the liberal media.  But we'd still have to  prove the obvious to people like Chuck Todd who considers liberal bias a "mythology."  Like the article says, if there is no bias how do sites like Newsbusters fill their "pages" every day?  And that's only for the last six years or so.  There's not enough time in a decade to list all of their Democrat fawning for the last 40 years.

That's example one for this week.  Here's number two: President Barack Obama's senior adviser David Axelrod has been hired by NBC Universal as an analyst.  Something that Dan Abrams sneered at when Karl Rove was hired by FOX News to do the same.

Number three: MSNBC (seeing a pattern here?) allows Tom Daschle to rip on the Republicans (with absolutely no one from the right to rebut, of course) about their filibuster on Chuck Hagel.  Something the Democrats are trying to sell as once again Republican "obstructionism," and that it is unprecedented.  Miss "Rhodes Scholar" over at BSNBC once again, for all her "intelligence," is wrong on that one too.


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