Monday, February 18, 2013

The Left's Love of Lunacy Continues

Now that cop and family killer Christopher Dorner is dead, it's inevitable the loony left will turn him into a martyr.  Whether it be for being a cop killer, a disgruntled former cop, a angry black man with a chip on his shoulder (which will be the media's favorite (you know, "the right-wing hatred made him do it-except that he adored Barack Obama, left-wing media personalities and celebrities and gun-control; which is funny for someone who went around shooting fellow cop's innocent family members)
It won't be the first time the left embraced a cop-killer (does Mumia Abu-Jamal ring a bell?) and it certainly won't be the last.

To prove it, Salon's Matthew Cunningham-Cook says we should all take the time to "understand" Dorner and his murderous rage.
Is it any clearer that these are the people that will literally kill for the "right" to murder unborn children , disarm American citizens and cozy up with foreign elements wishing to do America and the West harm?


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