Friday, February 08, 2013

NYT Ignores FRC Shooter's Connection to Left-Wing Website

Floyd Corkins, Jr, the man who wounded a security guard at the Washington office of the Family Research Council, plead guilty to the shooting charge against him, while the New York Times did its usual part of omitting information about the shooter and his connection to the left-wing Southern Law Poverty Center.  You will remember how the entire left-wing media universe specifically blamed Sarah Palin for the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabriel Giffords because there were "crosshairs" on Palin's site suggesting to "reload" on Democratic candidates in the 2010 mid-term elections.  At the same time they completely ignored the same type of imagery on the Daily Kos website, when a year prior to the Giffords shooting, the Kos editors put conservative candidates in crosshairs as well visa a vis Bob Beckel, without a peep from the lefty media.


The Times is also guilty of hypocrisy by sitting on information about keeping state secrets about President Obama's drone-bombings and the white House's counter-terrorism efforts, while shoeing their political bias and anti-war/anti Bush agenda by leaking classified information in their paper during the early years of the Iraq War.


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