Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Carson Punks Toure

MSNBC's Toure Neblitt squawked his cowardly squawk again and ran his irrelevant mouth about the only ism that seems to permeate from his pie-hole...racism.  He sure loves not only keeping it alive, but use it as a divisive tool.  This moron might have had a point if it were say...1940s America.

In any case Dr. Benjamin Carson let "Toure" know that the only  black "tokens" and "uncle Toms"are the ones like him being used by the left.

The Uncle Toms are the 95% of blacks staying on the Democrat plantation while the black family implodes after 50 years of Great Society entitlements.
Nothing terrifies liberals more than a well spoken minority conservative who defies the plantation mindset of the Democrat party. A pathetic troll like Toure isn't fit to mention Dr. Carson's name, let alone do anything as cowardly as label him a token. Dr. Carson will be remembered for his accomplishments long after he's gone. No one will bother to remember Toure other than to laugh at his ridiculous name.


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