Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reid Digustingly Uses Marines Deaths As Political Tool

Weasel Harry is at it again.  Senate Majority leader Harry Reid used the marine training accident in Hawthorne, Nevada to drag the sequester and it's budget cuts to the military (as minute as it is) to blame the Republican Party for the Marines deaths.

As if an accident this week was caused buy lack of budget?  The sequester had an effect on the way Marines are trained?  What an ass!

It's another sick example of Reid's grandstanding and trying to play fast and loose with the facts.  In an attempt to blow smoke up the rears of Americans and once again lie to people about who's idea the sequester really was and who continues to be responsible for it.  No matter that the truth is out there and now the Democrats are trying to cover themselves and implement their plan to try and reclaim the House with the same old left-wing plan of blaming the Republicans on everything.

Reid did not misspeak or say anything he didn't mean.  This was a written diatribe and he had time to write down exactly what he wanted to say.  He's just an uncaring malicious weasel.

Strangely enough, all three networks completely ignored the Weasel's little speech.  So did the Washington Post.  That's kind of strange, huh?


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