Monday, March 18, 2013

Where's the Outrage?

Again, through all the transparent lies and misdirection that President Obama has made the country endure, you would think the self-professed "watch dogs," the mainstream media, would want to research the easiest of stories (especially since the Congressional Budget Office and the Congressional Research Service are available online with a simple Google search that exposes his stanky B.S. for all to see) of a president and his underlings continually lying to the American people.  It isn't mistakes.  It isn't embellishments.  It's lies.  Straight up, straight forward lies.

The media were at their giddy best when they even suspected that George W. Bush wasn't being totally forthcoming.  But now they relish in not even attempting to do their jobs.  Not even a simple vetting of a presidential candidate, or the political thug he was in Chicago.  Nevermind who his poltical mentors and ideological associates were.

So, the question remains; where's the outrage?


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