Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sgt. Schultz Knocked from Prime Time

Maybe the brass at MSNBC finally had enough of Ed Schultz's brazen misinformation-laden hour of fun-filled gaffes and tirades.  Maybe they got tired of having to lie for him in the form of "clarification" whenever he went all "Rush Limbaugh" on the air.  Although I have distinct feeling that the Sarges advertisers aren't lining up, clawing over top of each other to get a spot on his rotation.

It seems the head honchos at the network of "accusing but not proving," have had enough of Ed Schultz's low ratings (which he laughably said were comparable to Glenn Beck's one-time, months-leading ratings) and have knocked his show from the valuable weeknight slot to the much-less watched weekends and will be replaced by Chris Hayes in the nightly time slot.

Schultz himself untruthfully says he's actually glad to be moving to the weekend. 
And there's word that Ed may be all the out none too soon.  He isn't exactly the favorite son over there and the network reportedly wasn't very forthcoming with him on his demotion.

See, there is justice in TV Land.


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