Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Matthews the Slime, Slimes Again

So desperate is Chris "Tingle" Matthews and his BSNBC cohorts to slime anyone who doesn't fall head-over-heels in love with Barack Obama-regardless of his ridiculously hurtful Socialist policies-or blindingly fall backwards into libtard ideology, that he will demean and libel anyone and any organization that isn't radical left-wing.

This time it's Ted Cruz's turn.  Matthews went to the often-played liberal playbook of guilt by association in trying to tie Cruz to the Sandy Hook massacre and the Truthers that are so out of their minds that they actually believe the government plotted to murder 26 people.  20 of them children.  This is beyond the pale and the epitome of disgusting.  Now I'm all for free speech.  And I mean real free speech.  Not just the type that allows you to agree with what's popular, but what's also outrageous and controversial. Say what ever you want.  Just be prepared to deal with the consequences.

But this is just the kind of dirty pool MSNBC is infamous for.  Although being infamous normally dictates that you actually have an audience or viewers (rim shot).  Clearly the NBC brass cares not one iota for the truth or ratings as their latest clearly indicate.

It's the same mentality that keeps the liberal bigwigs in Hollywood green-lighting movies that pretty much tank at the box-office.  They don't care about the gate, just about getting their left-wing, idiotic message out there.  They know most of the movie-going, low-information voters will see it or hear it and believe it.

Don't even think about anyone on the left, especially at the "bend over" network, to call Tingle on this one.


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