Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MSNBC: 85 Percent Opinion

Not that this is surprising, but a Pew Research report has found that MSNBC is hardly news.  In fact, the report determined that the far-left network is 85 percent opinion or commentary.  So much for Ed Schultz's claim that his network "doesn't make stuff up."  That means that only a measly 15 percent of what thy put on the air is news.  Personally, I don't think it's even that high.

I'm not letting FOX News off the hook by any means, as they were found to be 55 percent opinion or commentary.  That's still well above 50 percent.  But seeing as how NBC's amateur network, who claims to be a real news network has no actual news hour to speak of, again, this is not surprising in the least.
Is it any wonder hardly anyone trusts not only what their hosts say, but their sources as well?  When was the last time Rachel Maddow didn't reference Media Matters for instance?

This is only a small fraction of why nobody trusts or watches these jokers in spite of how many claims they make that FOX News or conservative radio (which by the way also destroys their liberal radio counterparts-the ones that don't go bankrupt that is) "lies."

Not that "everybody didn't know this already."


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