Tuesday, March 05, 2013

CNN's Bash Catches Obama in Distortion, Networks Gloss Over It

Credit goes out to CNN's Dana Bash for actually fact-checking President Obama's distortion of pay cuts for  Capital Hill janitors and security.  The president on Friday stated that, because of the sequester that went into effect at midnight, that, "They're going to have less pay, the [Capital Hill] janitor's, security guards.  They just got a pay cut."
But in what turns out to be yet more misleading, over-the-top rhetoric by the president, those janitors and security personnel will not receive a pay cut, but will receive limited overtime.  In fairness to the president, a pay cut could happen, but according to Bass's source, the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms, they won't "yet," and it may indeed be unlikely in the future.

CNN mentioned the distortion, ABC, CBS merely glossed over it and NBC ignored it.

This is yet just another example of gloom and doom fear-mongering by the Obama administration to get the public to get behind tax-cuts, ongoing government spending and to demonize the Republican Party.  It's perhaps not as bad as Maxine Waters comment that the sequestration cuts "will lead to 170 million job losses," but it just shows how ignorant the Democrats are and how much they think the same of the American people.

The left-wing media dabbled in it's usual chicanery of either ignoring the distortion all together or glossing over the misinformation by the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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