Thursday, March 07, 2013

FOX Fourth in Ratings, Current TV Off the Chart

Oh, don't let that post title fool you.
The new Neilson television ratings released last week show that out of all 94 cable channels, FOX News rated fourth behind only the History Channel, the USA Network and the Disney Channel.  The conservative network, that is somehow the worst evil entity that has ever come across the airwaves-and is apparently the only news network that "lies"-once again crushed their cable news competition.  Which means a lot of people are watching it, considering the only other three above them.

This, not too long after hosts at MSNBC were publicly jubilant at FOX's overall ratings sliding a tad back in February, but probably don't have to say too much about it now.   MSNBC itself came in 23rd, Headline News 34th, CNN 36th and oil-producing giant-owned (which was just sold to al Jazeera by earth-loving hypocrite, Al Gore) Current TV...dead last.  In fact the ratings for Current are so low, Neilson couldn't even get an accurate rating.
Why is FOX News,  a network so supposedly loathed "by everyone," continually watched by a lot of people for such a long time (almost 13 years almost consecutively now?)  At the same time, why do the liberal networks, which include the mainstream networks of course, ratings continually decline?

Not too much grey matter needed to do the math on this one.


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