Wednesday, March 06, 2013

As Long As Your A Democrat

If you're a Democrat and you broke the law, were arrested and convicted (or made a plea deal in the case of Jesse Jackson, Jr.) the media will still fawn all over you, make excuses for you and even omit your party affiliation.  However, if you're a former convict thinking of running for public office as a Republican years after your debt to society has been paid, too bad; your worse than a law-breaker.

Such is the case in the story of Paul McKinley, a former convict who could be in the running to oppose current Democratic Illinois State House Representative Robin Kelly.  Apparently it's okay to smear McKinley for his past legal indiscretions because he's running on the Republican ticket.  By the rules of the Obama post-racial world, wouldn't that make the author of this piece, Bill Ruthhart of the Chicago Tribune a raaaacist?  Nope, only white Republicans are.  And black Republicans are "tokens" and other disgusting racist terms the left continually and historically gets away with, while re-writing history with fables like "the Republican Party and the Liberals have switched ideologies," or "it's not the party of Lincoln anymore."  What rubbish.

The Tribune has a history of double standards in defense of Democrats while vilifying Republicans. As in the case of, as the linked story reminds us,  Jack Ryan.  But in the tradition of the Tribune and other left-wing media outlets, the son of race hustler Jesse Jackson's party affiliation was never mentioned.

Par for the course for the liberal media.  If only they were this "diligent " when non-vetting one Barack Obama.


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