Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Some Reporters Starting to Come Forward about Obama Admin's Treatment of Press

It seems even though the lefts admiration for President Obama is still ongoing, as he has most definitely benefited from their gracious "see no evil, here no evil" mentality about his Chicago-thug political style since he became the junior senator from Illinois, it seems that the press may, just may be starting to grow weary of being the leader of the Democrat's propaganda army.  It's highly doubtful seeing how far they have fallen and how much their collective opinions have been so dishonest and one-sided on behalf of the Democrats for the past, oh 40 years or so,

But in an article in Monday's U.S. New and World Report, it seems there might be a growing "unhealthy antagonism … between the West Wing and the mainstream media."

NewsBusters' Howard Portnoy has more.

One could only "hope" that this whole deal is true.


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