Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Doom and Gloom Media's Chicken Little Sequester Rhetoric

In the weeks leading up to the White House's financial sequester, members of the left-wing media did their best to scare Americans into blaming the Republican Party for fantasy-laden budget cuts (for a budget that hasn't been produced by the Democrat-led Senate in four years) with wild tales of starving seniors, grid-locked airports, unvaccinized  children and dying soldiers, for starters.

Well, the sky has yet to fall and the media has yet to correct themselves and to apologize for giving people unjust anxiety.  What they have done is given a pretty good list of over-the-top rhetoric that goes perfect with the White House's fear mongering and ongoing disconnect from reality.

Some of their outlandish claims?

  -On CBS This Morning (March 1) co-host Charlie Rose raised the specter that U.S. "troops could pay with their lives.”
-Earlier on the February 25 CBS This Morning, Rose highlighted "the worst-case scenario" for the sequester: "Kids without vaccines; schools without teachers; and massive airport delays."
-On ABC's World News (February 24) David Kerley likened the cuts to a "disaster movie," warning of "child care canceled for tens of thousands of kids."
-Over on NBC's Today (February 25), correspondent Peter Alexander claimed the puny budget cuts would eliminate "meals for needy seniors" and deprive children of "vaccines for diseases like whooping cough and the flu."
They really went into overtime on this one.  Not since the Obamacare scare have they dedicated themselves to such flame-throwing and skulduggery when it comes to advocacy of their failed hero in the White House.

-Source: NewsBusters

Other "the sky is falling" prognostications from the networks indelible line of seers and Obamaphiles?

Howard Kurtz called the MSM on their ridiculous "freakout."  And the networks are still unmoved in their stance of the sequestration even after the sky is still looming above.  Although Kurtz should have informed people before the sequester went into effect.

"The media's "breathless prognostications of swift, certain doom should be an embarrassment to the entire news industry," Media Research Center President Brent Bozell concluded.

Here, here.


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