Monday, April 01, 2013

The Left's Hatred Goes Way Back

The left's hypocrisy and hatred did not merely start with George W. Bush.  Their smearing of people that disagree with them on almost any subject are summarily insulted and demeaned and whether it be for percieved Homophobia (which they still use, even though they're supposed to be the champions of gay rights) Islamophobia, Misogynisism , what have you, has been happening for a long time.

Stanley Kurtz (via Tom Blumer) reminisces about how the left-wing youth (no doubt through the hateful indoctrination of their hippie parents and Liberal intelligentsia) reacted with glee the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan.  and it wasn't just, as the libs love to asy whenever one of their own is exposed as a moonbat, an "isolated incident."  The same reaction happened at other ivy-league schools.


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