Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dem Senator Actually Blames Republicans for Moore Tornado

Democratic senator and ignorant pantywaste Sheldon Whitehorse actually blamed Republicans for the massive tornado in Moore, OK that has so far claimed 51 lives.  He went on a child-like tantrum on the Senate floor blaming the GOP for other natural disasters in Alabama and Texas.

Now, assuming the United States had signed on to the Kyoto Accord, signed on to everything the liberals wanted to to"battle" Global Warming/Climate Change (including liberty-stealing cap & trade) and the Republicans went along with all the paranoia involved since this whole GW debate started, does Whitehorse really think this tornado wouldn't have come to pass?  Apparently.  That's why paranoid people like him on the left aren't listened to and have no credibility (ala Al Gore) on this issue.

And the Republicans are the ones who politicize everything.


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