Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another MSNBC Anchor Tries to Blame Bush for Obama Scandal...Again

They're still at it at MSNBC.  The very low-rated network tried once again to deflect any blame on President Obama and the NSA snooping scandal by placing the blame on George W. Bush.  It worked to get Obama re-elected, so why fix what isn't broken, right?  Except the guests on Alex Witt's show, Weekends with Alex Witt (yeah, I never heard of it either) weren't buying it.  Is it any wonder that this "network" is at the bottom rung of the Neilson ratings? (besides perhaps Current TV) Is it any wonder that even liberals are turning on the "bend-Over" network as well as Obama?

Just like their nightly, unsubstantiated claims of racism, the "blame Bush" tactic is getting very, very old.  Not to mention very, very predictable.


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