Sunday, July 07, 2013

Lies, Lies and More Damn Lies

Are you sick of it yet?  Better yet, are you sick of the MSM covering for this so-called "most transparent administration in history?"  With all the never-ending attention that a Republican president gets for misinformation or any sort of cover-up, it simply amazes me that the mass media in America can simply fall asleep whenever they choose to misinform or outright lie to the people just because they happen to personally like the guy in the White House.

So what's worse?  The Obama sycophants employed at the White House, IRS, Justice Dept, State Dept, etc. or the ones planted firmly in the seat of "misinformational" power that emanates nightly from your living room television?

Time and time again, this administration has completely and overtly lied to the American people and the world and have smiled as they've done it.  They know the media will cover them.  As long as a Democrat is in power, the press will turn a blind eye.  Unless of course they can get some ratings out of it, as did CNN for a short time during the spying scandals.  Of course that has gone on too long for the MSM's liking as it has actually affected their demi-gods approval rating.  So of course that had to dwindle.

Benghazi (which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conveniently IRS, NSA, Fast & Furious, drone strikes, the Muslim Brotherhood (or moreover, Obama's persistence in aligning himself with them (oh wait, he said that the U.S. wasn't aligned with them) and now; John Kerry, the ineffectual  Secretary of State being protected by the media and their B.S. about his whereabouts when the Egyptian military imposed a coup on Mohammed Morsi.  They seem quite comfortable in simply dropping the matter after the State Dept. blatantly lied to them.

When will it end?  More importantly, when will you Obama supporters and sheep call out this guy on what he is and has been shown to be since day one?  A fraud.

Indeed, Nixon, Reagan, and the Bushes had their fair share of faults and scandals, but my God!  What is it going to take for this president (certainly he's no Commander-in Chief, because this guy is no leader in any way, shape or form) to receive his lumps that he deserves.  He's not going to be impeached (at least not from anything he's done so far-and I really can't think of anything he's done illegally to warrant it-oh yeah, there is that whole NSA/IRS fiasco) but somehow, some way he has to-at the very least be tried in the court of public opinion the way George W. had to.

Sorry, folks he's not even remotely close to being the greatest president ever.  He most certainly is nowhere close to the most honest.  He may even be more closer to the other side of that argument that you want to admit.  I mean if Nixon was "Tricky Dick," Obama certainly has to be "B.S. Barack."


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