Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Uh Huh

So the battle for gay marriage would spawn no groups of miscreants cashing in on the victim card and applying the same "complaints" huh?  Really?

"A favorable outcome for marriage equality is a favorable outcome for multi-partner marriage, because the opposition cannot argue lack of precedent for legalizing marriage for other forms of non-traditional relationships." 

Now, undoubtedly many will say that it's all about the decisions of consenting adults.  Of course they bare no burden on what their "cause" will do to the construct of the family unit.  But then again there is no more "normal" families now are there?  And what really is the point of a family anyway when children born out of wedlock is celebrated?  Heck, what's the point of wedlock itself, since men are no longer needed?  Moreover, not only are men/fathers not needed, they're routinely mocked in today's culture.  Proof?  Check out either at random or for about a week or so how the father figure is made to look the buffoon and irrelevant.  I'm not talking about Family Guy or The Simpsons either.  I'll leave it up to you and your own findings.  It won't take long or much effort, I promise.


Anonymous Pat said...

Hey buddy.

I actually really liked this article point of view. The father figure is looked at as a stupid man or a Homer Simpson like person who can't make good decisions in which Society claims only the Wife or woman can do. So it looks like the roles have changed in what Marriage constitutes today. Women want to be men and men want to be women or take those roles. You see, in the Biblical view or the well documented manuscripts we see that Marriage started unofficially in Genesis with Adam and Eve. Obviously God ordained that marriage...all you have to do is read it lol. After this and after exodus and Moses you basically see through the scriptures the official titles of Marriage in the Tribes of Judah and other tribes. So, Basically we see under documented scripture of over the past 4000 years that this was what marriage was or was defined as. The Bible is the most documented when it comes to the history of marriage. But in the original hebrew scriptures and as well as hebrew customs (In which we all in North America used to pertain to...) The Man would work for food and the woman would cook and take care of the children (Homeschool, Ect...) The father was/is the Priest of the home which mean't/means he is the one that makes the final decision, and the woman MUST honor him while the husband LOVES his wife. This isn't played out right in our society even in the 50s because men would take advantage of that role. But in the end, end times I'm speaking of, things are going to get wilder. Gay marriage will be the norm and biblical marriage will be unheard of. Why? I think God says it best. People don't want the truth, Everyone wants the Lie instead. Instead of Holiness everyone wants to trade it in for Sin. I guess you already get the picture. Good points you brought up with this article. Also I'm not a gay basher or anything but I believe in Biblical Marriage not anything else. If two people want to get together to form a Union, well thats what it is but its not marriage. Marriage should have it's own definition (man and woman). It's not my belief, But it's in a book that has been documented for thousands of years. The only documented same sex relations I can honestly find in the history books was only in Rome where they would not only create sex slaves but exploit them through same sex acts. Obviously too you have male sex acts too but they're not really documented. So in turn I liked the article.

Everything thing same sex related in the Bible (Old testament specifically) that I find is sodom and gemorrah and one of Noah's sons who after the flood slept with him (while Noah was sleeping) while being heavily intoxicated. Both situations were condemning. In the new testament it talks about purity of the body which basically everything falls into. In the end i liked the article and good stuff!

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