Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Walters, Goldberg Defend Mahr Calling Trig Palin A "Retard"

Bill Mahr, that bastion of insensitivity and callousness, not to mention the left's champion of misogyny, called Sarah Palin's  down's syndrome child Trig a "retard" while performing stand-up.  And while a right-winger of any sort would be condemned, chastised and forced to apologize, or fired from their job, Mahr once again is defended by the left.  On a recent episode of ABC's The View, Whoopie "it's not really rape-rape" Goldberg asked a question of her fellow hosts that she knew the answer to, is Mahr a bully? Defender of anything liberal  Barbara Walters spewed out one of the most ridiculous "defenses" when she claimed that the old un-politically correct description of a mentally challenged people was to call them "retarded."  While this is true, as Walters used her deceased mentally challenged sister as a example that some people even today don't know that the term "retarded" is no longer publicly accepted and that "unless you're a little more familiar  , you don't even know the term."  Is she  kidding?  Kindergarten children know the difference.  In today's PC world, even douche bags like Mahr, who's supposed to be some well-informed intellectual, know the difference and Walters should be ashamed to try and pull this on her audience and viewers and home.

Also, Walters claims she doesn't think Mahr "intended it to be mean-spirited" when he said it.  Really?  This is coming from the same jag-off that consciously insults and berates Palin at every single chance.  Remember him calling her a C yoU Next Tuesday?  I suppose that was accidental and not intended to be mean-spirited either.

I wonder how Goldberg and Walters would feel if Mahr had called a women a slut?  Rush Limbaugh did and lost advertisers (20 more were there to replace them, so Limbaugh lost nothing) There were calls for his resignation or for his radio show to be yanked off the air.  What Mahr had used the n-word to describe a black woman?  Would Goldberg be defending him then?  Actually, I bet she would, probably saying he didn't mean it.  It was "all in humor" as all comedians get away with when using racially insensitive "jokes."   Michael Richards (Seinfeld's Kramer) did that-although his was very heinous and he pretty much deserved what he got-but he is a comedian, why didn't he deserve a break if that's the defense?  But as usual, it's open season on conservative woman and their children.  How long is Mahr going to be allowed to get away with this sort of behavior?  The answer?  As long as he wants, as long as he plants his flag in the liberal tent.


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