Sunday, August 18, 2013

Even Oprah Now?

I never thought I'd see the day.  Not Oprah.  Not her too.

By now you must know the debacle of Oprah Winfrey being the alleged victim of racism.  She was in a Swiss well-to-do shop in Zurich when she asked the woman behind the counter to see a alligator-skinned bag (I thought Oprah was a big animal rights activist) When the woman behind the counter, apparently not recognising Ms. Winfrey (as Oprah her self admitted her show is not shown in Switzerland) said she wouldn't be able to afford the $38,000 exotic hand bag, saying it was "too expensive," Oprah would later claim back in the States that she was a victim of racism.  Apparently Winfrey has been listening a little too much to Al Sharpton and the like.  After all, she did recently claim the killing of Trayvon Martin was "the same" as the torture and murder as Emmitt Till.   So clearly we now know that Oprah knows nothing about either case other than what she has been told within her own circle or what she skimmed over in her local paper, just looking for key words like "racist," racism" and Zimmerman/murderer."   Clearly some over-reaching and sensationalism is going on on her part.  Perhaps Oprah has been on television too long and has to make everything about ratings.  Or is it that she needed a little extra attention seeing that she is co-starring in the recently released film, The Butler about Eugene Allan; who served eight presidents in the White House between 1952 until 1980.  Which by the way reportedly smears Ronald Reagan and that Allan resigned his tenure due to the Reagan's "indifference" toward the plight of American blacks.  Which, if you knew anything about Reagan or read his memoirs, is utterly and complete hogwash.  Funny how Allan supposedly didn't like Reagan and quit because of his policies, but yet has a picture of Ron and Nancy predominantly hanging on his living room wall?  All the other  pictures of presidents he served hang in his basement.  Once again, the left-wing establishment trying to bulls**t their way into the history books.  The former president's son, Michael Reagan agrees.

Her latest diatribe?  Having no ill will towards black people doesn't mean you're not a racist.  Did you catch that last line in the third paragraph?  Speaking of the Zimmerman case, "it's ridiculous to look at that case and not to think racism was involved."  Yet another one in the age of the Obamaphile that apparently didn't read the report that the FBI did a thorough investigation on George Zimmerman and found absolutely no racist tendencies or history of the man.  However they did find (as I talked about in an earlier post) that he adamantly defended the civil rights of a black man beaten by police officers.  Something else people like Winfrey and the MSM doesn't want you to know.  It destroys their "all America is racist narrative."  Ironic that the most richest black woman in the world (a one per-center, by the way) made her fortune from white people, based on the population percentage and medium income, is claiming racism is the reason she couldn't purchase a expensive hand bag.  An accusation she has now back-pedaled on, without apologising to the sales clerk.  Is it just a coincidence that she just gave away a car while a guest on Jimmy Kimmel?  And to a (drum roll) white woman at that!  Can you say damage control?

Is it also just a coincidence, as mentioned that Winfrey has sucked all this media attention her way now that she has the movie to push?

I never thought Oprah Winfrey, the class of Chicago, would become a race hustler.


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