Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rodeo Clown Gets the Boot and Banned for Life for Mocking Obama

Remember when it was cool, even patriotic to mock the President of the United States?  Well, no longer as a rodeo clown was fired and banned for life from all Missouri State fairs for wearing a Barack Obama mask while doing his job as an entertainer.

You can now add this to the list of things you can't mock Obama for.  Make fun of his ears?  Racist!  Question his policies?  Racist!  Wear an Obama mask as a rodeo clown?  Racist!

So I suppose all those people who mocked Reagan, Nixon, Carter and Clinton and burned them in effigy were all racists too?  Is everyone seeing the ultimate ridiculousness of this yet?  Obama doesn't walk on water, folks.  Unbelievable.  Pretty soon after the Obamabots drag people from their houses for mocking this president (led by Eric Holder of course) they'll simply start shooting them on their front porch pretty soon afterwards.

Ah.  Obama's Amerika.


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