Friday, August 02, 2013

While Networks Ignore Scandal News, Whistleblowers and CIA Operatives Threatened by Obama Regime

So desperate is President Barack Obama and his groups of Democrat and media sycophants to keep any further information leaking out about the Obama administration's incompetence and indifference (including the heinous actions of-conveniently-former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) that not only are Benghazi whistle-blowers being silenced, but on the ground CIA operative's families are now allegedly being threatened by Obama and his high crime and misdemeanour cohorts.

Now, as all of us on the right have asked numerous times during the tenure of this president, where is the outrage from the "center?"  Where's the impeachment hearings that would inevitably be thrown about if it were a Republican in the White House?  Looooong before today by the way.  Where's the incessant hounding by the Democrat-loving press?

Getting tired of the vile, insulting and criminal double standards yet?


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