Wednesday, September 04, 2013

As I've Said...

Where are all the anti-war protesters calling President Barack Obama a war criminal and demanding his impeachment.  This isn't just about the whole Syria fiasco either (which is about to become much, much more of a fiasco) it's got to do with everything this slick, unchallenged, media-protected so-called leader has put America through.  All the scandals (aka, "bumps in the road") all the divisiveness from his seemingly hatred of Southerners ("clinging to guns and Bibles") and Christians, to his alliance with the disgusting race-hustler Al Sharpton (let us not forget his indifference about Eric Holder and his buddies in the Black Panthers) to his total disregard for the law and Constitution.

In short, if he's acting like George W. Bush, why isn't he being treated like him?


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