Friday, August 30, 2013

Obama To Go It Alone Against Syria?

President Obama is ready to go it alone against the tyranny of  Bashar Assad.  With Britain voting down any military role in Syria, Obama is ready to put American lives in jeopardy to advance his cause.  Maybe it's his way of making up for not sending gas masks to Syrian government opposition when there was a surplus of them.

Um, didn't the "world" decry President Bush for "unilaterally" going into Iraq?  Although he had 48 countries with him initially, the left whined he was a "cowboy" who didn't care about consensus.
Let's see. Go to war based on weapons of mass destruction?  Where was the U.N. inspectors saying it was o.k.?  Where's the congressional approval Bush recieved?  Oh, right.  This is "different."  This time "core interests" are at stake.  It's funny how Dems like Dianne Feinstein are ready to support any action by the president, but yet denounced Bush for the above reasons and then some, but she's giving Obama all the latitude in the world.  So far, none of this has been approved by congress.  Again, something that Bush had.  But that won't stop the Dems from their usual hypocrisy.  Watch how this one is spun so it is "totally (and I bet morally) different" than Bush and Iraq.  It's sure starting off that way.

Can you say Obama's Iraq?  Without of course, the media and the left condemning it.  So, you know , it's o.k.


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