Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Proof of Left Wing Fantasy of Violence and Hatred Towards Woman

The Huffington Post has some cleaning up to do, not to mention a major apology to Dana Loesch.  One of the left-wing web site's writers, a complete scumbag named Pascal Robert has publicly wished for Loesch to be anally raped by a "brother."  We'll forget the obvious racism for now, but how does the brass at The Huffington Post condone such behavior.  This isn't surprising, being that Robert is a typical racist, woman-hating left-wing piece of sh*t.  It's not even surprising that the Huffington Post hasn't as of yet admonished Robert for his violent and disgusting tweet, as they traditionally spew their uneducated, uninformed, deviant "opinions" every day.  It's not even remotely surprising that no other lefties have condemned Robert for this, seeing how Bill Maher and other left-wing misogynists get away with insulting and childishly spewing hatred toward conservative woman all the time.  This includes left-wing woman like Sandra Bernhardt.  The rest of their media simply doesn't care, because the rest of their media agrees with them.

But if Arianna Huffington does not fire this pathetic loser from her staff (or is it simply "let go" since she allegedly doesn't pay her writers) she is just as guilty.  As a former friend and associate of Andrew Breitbart, I would expect more of her.  This moron needs to be restrained from ever publicly writing again.  Don Imus was fired for less.  Paula Dean has had her career destroyed for much less.

Pascal Robert, you are a piece of crap.


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