Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Voter ID

Ok, so, let me get this straight.  The left, including all the brain-dead Obama sycophants at BSNBC, particularly Chris Matthews thinks and wants anybody who doesn't think for themselves to believe that the Republicans only want people to show identification at polling stations to suppress the minority vote.
I'm going to say this one time.  It's common sense morons!  If you want to stop voter fraud (which the Dems apparently count on to win elections. 100 percent of the Philadelphia vote going to Barack Obama?  100 percent! Yeah, right.  You know who else got 100 percent of the votes?  Saddam Hussein) you ask people to prove who they say they are.  Unless of course allowing Mickey Mouse, Robocop or the family dog to vote for the leader of the country is cool with you.  It is with the Democrats.  Why else are they fighting tooth and nail to allow illegals to vote.  And yes, some people are illegal, despite what your typical bleeding heart hippie t-shirt says.

You need ID to open a bank account.  You need ID to get a library card.  You need ID to get a driver's license. You need ID to buy a plane ticket. But apparently needing ID to vote is racist. 
Did you happen to hear any of them admit that they needed identification to get into their national convention?  Me neither.
What is it that they wear their congressional membership pins for?  Raffles?

Also, apparently the collection of Forrest Gumps at the 'Bend Over' network think only blacks are poor. The racists!  That's right, only blacks can't afford these ID cards in Pennsylvania.  Oh wait.  They're free!  But I guess the left is perfectly fine with their tried and true race card (or as it's being coined now, race poker they've played it so much) and spitting in the face of democracy.  Their projection knows no end.  The only way for the Dems to win any election fairly and legally nowadays is voter fraud.  You know it.  I know it and they know it.
Chris Matthews knows it too.


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