Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Piers Morgan and Left-Wing Communists Wrong and Loving It.

With another mass shooting, the left-wing media-led by the outrageously idiotic Piers Morgan-is not only wrong in their propaganda-filled "reports" about shooter Aaron Alexis using an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, but they are loving the fact this lie is being parroted all over the mainstream media.

The left-wing once again is blaming the GOP instead of the shooter (much like they did with former Los Angeles police officer and hard-left winger, Christopher Dorner went on a rampage, extolling the virtues and opinions of liberal media hosts Chris Matthews, Soledad O'Brien and Wolf Blitzer by name as well as President Obama-although you'll never hear them bring that tidbit up) where the blame belongs.

Alexis did not use an AR-15, everybody now knows it, yet Morgan and his sycophantic allies in the MSM cannot bring themselves to tell the truth because it once again destroys the foundation of their bogus gun-control argument. They are obsessed with lying to people about the facts.


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