Thursday, October 31, 2013

Obama Lied and the Press Knows It

That's not news.  President Obama has been lying since day one.  He's a politician.  Politicians lie.  That's what they do.  But to the extent that the mainstream media, the people that are supposed to tell us the truth.  The people that are supposed to be looking out for us and to try to keep politicians, if not honest then at least responsible for their actions.

Well, between 2007 to today, it seems the media has grown complacent with being not informers and defenders of the free, but to being activists who literally argue with people with whom they don't agree.  It doesn't matter if they're right or wrong, they must be heard and they must be validated.

Hey!  Who cares about your legacy?  Who cares about what you think?  Just tell us the news of the day and let us decide.  In other words report the truth and shut up!

If you haven't noticed by now, my main antagonist of this blog has always been the media.  Yes, I have attacked the left and the Democrat party when I feel it warranted, but what has really grinds my gears is how the media has not only influenced what most people think is information, but how most have gotten personally involved.  I'm not talking about political pundits.  They're fine.  They're all pretty much just talking heads anyway, right.  And yes, I do include my favorites such as George Will, Thomas Sowell and Ann Coulter.  I still think they are more knowledgeable and credible than their counterparts on the left, but obviously, that is to be expected.

But when the media  hedges their own bets so much on politicians they favor to the point of defending the indefensible (and yes that includes FOX News) they have then outlived not only their usefulness, but (to steal a phrase from Star Trek) their prime directive as well.  There used to be a slew of people you could trust to bring you the news of the day.  Now, I personally don't trust any of them.  And again, that includes the reporters from FOX as well.  The only people I trust (that is to say mistrust the least) is Jake Tapper and Sharyl Attkisson.  There may be a couple more, but I can't think of any at present.  Of course I speak of the television media here.

So, after that more than belabored tangent, I give you more media malfeasance after the fact.
On Monday NBC (finally) let everyone know what conservatives have been trying to tell everyone else for the last two years; with Obamacare, you won't be able to keep the insurance plans you like.  The White House knew this apparently since 2010, before the president's State of the Union in which he promised this very thing.  He lied.  and with it, more of the media's credibility disappeared.

Now if we give Obama the benefit of the doubt, the same benefit I give to George W. Bush when it came to WMDs in Iraq, and he was given faulty information and as far as he knew he was telling America the truth, then I can see his mistake.  But after three years, you'd think a man who is touted as such an exemplary intellectual would have sniffed out the truth of the matter before (or even a little bit after-remember the benefit of the doubt) his infamous speech on health care.

Personally I do believe he knew.  But there was too much on the table behind all of his and the Dems rhetoric and hyperbole to stop the onrushing train.  Remember, they were in such a rush to roll out their agenda called (unofficially) Obamacare, to perhaps forge the Obama legacy, that even Nancy Pelosi said, "we have to pass this [bill] to find out what's in it."  Huh?!  Really?  Well, now you see the results.  No one ever said that diligence was the Democrats strong point.
Now they're seemingly so desperate, they're going to plan B.

All of this, including the internet glitches on the Affordable Care Act website was seen coming in the dark.  There were warnings. But the president has come to rely on the MSM backing anything he says without fail.  And why wouldn't he by now?  The media pretty much ignored Benghazi, voter fraud, NSA, Fast and Furious, IRS and whatever else that was not politically expedient to him.  Not to mention anything that was expedient to the voting public.  At least until he was safely re-elected.

Believe me Obamaphiles, you may think he's a demigod now, but with all his political and economic failures, history will not be kind to this man.  The press?  I guess they'll just keep on keepin' on.



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