Monday, October 14, 2013

Of Some Interest

When the right is heard saying that President Barack Obama is creating more conservatives with his far-left policies, one could be forgiven for laughing it off; although that in and of itself is pretty humorous given his recent and continual slide in popularity and that of Obamacare.

Peter Enns and Juliana, political scientists for Cornell University has found a conservative opinion shift in all 50 states.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very interesting article though it should be noted this is a conservative shift (small c,) not a "Conservative" shift.

It's a shift towards classic conservate, not Republican, values which are very different things.

The modern Republicans are nothing like classic conservatives. Classic conservations, for example, would've massively overhauled spending on the military and medicare. They also would've decried how much the GOP is being hijacked by the religious minority.

Overall the U.S. is a very conservative country and always has been. Overall, the Democrats are a very right-leaning party when you look at things from global scale with a few "loony left" outliers.

Meanwhile, there's some outliers within the GOP who could be compared to the Nazis and that faction seems to be growing in strength.

The GOP needs to split into two parties for the sake of America though that unfortunately would probably end any chance of a conservative government or strong opposition to the Democrats.

As it stands, the two ruling parties have become way too similar outside of social issues for the country's good.

12:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I'd love to see the poll questions used since it's VERY easy to tailor these things to get the results you wanted.

The trend I've noticed seems to be Americans becoming a lot more economically conservative (which makes a lot of sense given the recession,) but more socially liberal with higher support of gay marriage and other freedoms.

I want to know if the poll goes along the idea of "GOP = conservatism" and "Democrat = liberalism" because those titles actually don't make much sense given the parties nowadays. There's a huge difference between "Conservatism" and "conservatism."

For example a few big values of each party:

-Gun rights (liberal)
-Religious freedom (liberal)
-Small government (conservative, though the GOP is very selective about enforcing it)
-opposition to birth control/abortion (conservative, religiously-motivated)
Pro-military (conservatism, fascism if taken to an extreme but that doesn't define the GOP)
Pro-Medicare (socialism/extreme liberalism)
-individual liberty over the rights of the government (right-leaning centrist)
-lately, pro-religion as law (fascist, though applies to a controlling minority of the party)

-gun control (far right conservative, fascist)
-pro social issues like gay marriage(liberal, though could be argued towards right-leaning when it trumps religious views)
-pro choice (liberal)
-pro ACA (a difficult one, since a lot of the bill is pretty classic conservative and identical to bills the GOP proposed in the past)
-pro big government (definitely liberal)

Both parties are a huge mix of liberal and conservative ideas, so this poll doesn't necessarily mean there's a massive move to GOP supporters (especially with the anger over the current government shutdown.)

12:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As that article states with most presidents the country usually slides a bit towards the opposing political spectrum. There was a massive pro-liberal slant under Bush once the reaction to 9/11 wore off.

It has nothing to do with Obama's policies and their popularity and more that the U.S. is a country full of contrarians.

2:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:12 am  
Blogger Northern Exposer said...

Nothing to do with Obama's policies? Nothing? Guess again.

4:31 pm  

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