Thursday, November 14, 2013

Matthews Presses about Answers on Benghazi

It's been well-established that Hillary Clinton, while holding the position of Secretary of State openly lied about her knowledge of what had transpired in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.  The worst part was brazingly lying directly to the families of those four killed in the attack and continuing to push the fantasy that that attacks were caused by a YouTube video.  Whether Susan Rice knew about this or not when she peddaled this fable on the Sunday morning shows is not the point.  The point is we are no closer to any truthful answers today than when it first happened.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews were one of many of the Obama sychophnats that not only ran with this easily-debunked falsehood, once telling a member of the crowd outside the the MSNBC studios "Of course it's the video, everybody knows it's the video," as the real cause of the attack on the consulate.

Well now even Matthews is seeking real answers as it seems now even the most ardent Obama supporters are (finally) questioning the words of their Dear Leader and his benevolent staff in between calling conservatives Nazis, woman-haters, terrorists and most recently, "pissants."

If you're on the left and you've lost your most loyal sheep, you've got problems.  Don't worry, though, he'll come to his "senses."  I'm sure someone there will whisper in his ear about who he's attempting to screw with.


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