Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wowed by Michelle's Dress-More MSM Liberal Hypocrisy

"Elegant."  "Princely."  These are the words being used today by many members of the mainstream media to describe First Lady Michelle Obama's dress she wore to the state dinner in honor of the president of France.
They weren't so forgiving about Ann Romney's choice of fashion wear.  NBC's Shawna Thomas certainly didn't hide her appreciation.  Such is the liberal media.

But suddenly (or not so much) the lap-dog, Obama-loving sycophants have no qualms about the price tag of an article of clothing, as long as it's worn by their favourite politician's wife.  Now, all bets are off.  Hey, what the hell?  It's only been less than two years since our infallible watchdogs of society went to town on Mrs. Romney, so, why wouldn't we forget about it?

Does Mrs. Obama's choice of wear now signify she's "out of touch" with family values?  Whatever that meant to begin with.
Oh wait.  Of course not.  She's an Obama.

Look, this is not a big deal.  But it is another example of liberal caterwauling over an issue they fell self-righteous about, in an attempt to demonize an enemy, any enemy, of their political ideology. 


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