Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oooh, What I'd Like To Do To These Guys

I'm sure by now all my fellow Canadians have heard about these disrespectful little punks that got drunk (probably after sharing a six-pack) and decided to urinate on the National War Memorial. This is akin to the idiots in the U.S. that were at the funerals of fallen soldiers in the War on Terror, holding up signs that read "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "God Hates Fags" among other disgusting and cowardly slogans. Some of these pieces of human trash even hid their faces with bandanas or turtle-necks with over-sized sunglasses because they were so proud and forthright about their actions.

Everyone I've talked to, even the ones that are anti-war, thinks these actions are absolutely disgusting and disgraceful. Everyone has their own thoughts on what should be done to these vile morons, as you can see by the comments left by concerned and angry citizens following the story in the first link above.

Where would such ignorance stem from? Undoubtedly from lack of respect for our fallen heroes, no doubt. The real genesis of this vulgerness has to have come from a) the current education system (implemented by the military's best buddies-the Liberal Party of Canada as well as the socialist/veteran -hating NDP) that make villains out of the men and women that have died making our country free and b) the more disgusting (but not surprising) parents of these idiots who apparently raise their children to believe that "We don't even need an army.", as I've heard one in particular ignoramus say to me not all that long ago. It seems that the parents of punks like these are not teaching their offspring that without these servicemen and women we would all be speaking German right now. It's not a cliche folks, it's a fact.

The governments of the past surely have to shoulder a lot of the blame for this ignorance. For starters, with the re-constitution of 1982, public education is for the most part totally denies Canada any history prior to that year. We don't honor our heroes unless the date reads November 11. We (almost) never have any films or documentaries produced in Canada about the bravery and ultimate sacrifice of our fallen heroes. Could any of these anti-patriots tell me the name of our last Victoria Cross recipient that recently died? He was a veteran of World War I. Does that tell you about the infrequency of Canada's role in armed conflicts in the past 60 years? I guarentee you it's not for the lack of bravery of our soldiers when Canada does send troops overseas. Could any of them tell you the names or places of any battles that Canadian troops have been engaged in besides Vimy Ridge or Dieppe? Or how about the Somme or the Beaumont-Hamel? Do they even know about those?
I'll bet if it wasn't for vignettes from Heritage Canada on t.v. every once and a while, they wouldn't even know Canadians bravely served in World Wars 1& 2. How do you expect our fighting men and women to be respected when the Liberal governments of the past 16 years are re-writing, or worse yet, erasing their legacy. How can the rest of the world respect our military when all we can claim is that our people in uniform "are peacekeepers"?

Even then, they still have to have permission from the U(seless)N to protect themselves. How do you think it looks to the rest of our allies when we have to hitch a ride with the Americans because the Liberal governments of the past have cut military spending to the point where our boys show up in Afghanistan wearing green camouflage and have to literally spray-paint their uniforms a beige-brown. Doesn't it fill you with disgust that we have sub-par weapons and equipment, such as schanook helicopters that continually stall and crash and Vietnam-era submarines than catch on fire and have to be towed into port by the Americans?

Even today with the mission in Afghanistan, our politicians on the left want to "Murthasize" us by pulling a cut-and-run out of our obligations because Canadian soldiers have begun to take casualties. What in God's name has happened to our sense of pride and national unity? Instead of listening to people like Jack Layton, why doesn't the media tell us what the actual people involved in the Afghanistan mission, the soldiers, have to say? Do you actually think they would say we shouldn't be there, or that Canada shouldn't be involved? My whole family at one time or another has served in the military. Be it against the Nazis in World War II or serving in the Reserves to pay for their education. That's why every time I see a Canadian soldier in a pub or lounge, I proudly, without hesitation buy them a round.

The bottom line is, we better start teaching our children to respect the men and women of the military, because, as the recent events in Toronto point out, we may need them sooner than you think.


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