Saturday, June 20, 2009

So Why Didn't She Call Him "General?"

Apparently Barbara Boxer sees herself more important and "earned" her stripes more valiantly than the good general.
This self-righteous, self indulged, power-hungry witch (no, not Blinky...this time) had the nerve to cut the man off and ask for respect. For her? What has she ever done to deserve respect from anyone serving to protect America?

Clearly she hates anyone in uniform. And even more clear is she has absolutely no respect for the warriors of America. In fact can anyone have any doubt she absolutely loathes anyone that represents the U.S. military? What utter contempt from someone who has no idea what respect is. She should have been at this man's feet thanking him for his patriotism and protection. She's lucky to have even been in the same room with him.

What a complete witch!


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