Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Fate of America and the West?

0You've heard this before, sluffing it off as right-wing paranoia and Islamophobia, and of course, racism. You even heard it from "moderate" Muslims, ex-terrorists and even former adherents to Islam. But have you heard the warnings from the son of Hamas co-founder?

That goes along with this:

And this

Honor killings, Sharia Law, beheadings (by children even), stonings, terrorism. Is it any wonder people are "Islamophobic?" They're not finished and they won't stop!

And about that "tolerance" for everything non-Muslim?

Telling, isn't it? But we should all just ignore it and sing Kumbiya together. Better yet, somebody should have come to the defense of the old man and knocked that punk out. I definitely would have had words with him. I mean, a Holocaust survivor of all people! You'll notice the piece of dung didn't get very brave with the younger guys. Typical liberal cowardice.


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