Thursday, September 23, 2010

Olbermann Finally Blames Obama...

...for the BP spill, the economy, unemployment, immigration and 9/11.
Nah. Of course not. Like that would ever happen. He blames Bush and Cheney for them knowing about it and letting it happen, of course.
But, wouldn't that mean Obama knew about the above and let it happen? And what about the Ft. Hood shooting, the attempted Time Square and Christmas day bombings? if you're going to use false logic, ridiculous premises and re-written history, wouldn't that make, well...sense to blame Obama for those as well?

I would normally ask, who knew Kieth Olbermann was a Truther? But then again, he's Kieth Olberamann, MSNBC's resident whackjob. Man, what a complete and utter tool.


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