Friday, September 24, 2010

Paranoid Matthews Strikes Again

President Obama not being vetted by the media, and as a result, he appoints a plethora of "czars" that are unaccountable to anyone, instills big-government, socialist policies, appoints an attorney general that, along with himself defends racist, black ideology-based beliefs and groups such as the Black Panthers, among many other wasteful and liberty-hurting ideas and Chris Matthews gets a tingle up his leg. The GOP sends out a press release for their ideas for the nation when they presumably take over the House of Representatives such as job creation, and Matthews in an all his paranoia sees a cover-up.

Wow. The mind of a lefty is truly boggling. When the supposed "Party of No" relates their idea for freeing the country from a 10% unemployement rate and to shrink the government that has in the last four years (or more) spent beyond comprehension, all of a sudden people like Matthews considers them the "Party of Oliver Stone." Amazing.


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