Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Media Hypocrisy Doesn't Like Romney's Truth

Once again, a conservative says something accurate and the media portays it as "controversial."  Has anyone ever heard anyone in the MSM catergorize anything said by a liberal as controversial?  Ever?  Everyone on the right from Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Allen West to conservative celebrities Kelsey Grammar, Jon Voight and Clint Eastwood.  No one on the left is rarely is ever labled with it.  Dick Durbin calling U.S. soldiers Nazis isn't controversial.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid  calling the Tea Party racists isn't controversial.  Bill Maher continually making disgusting and misogynistic comments isn't controversial.  The whole race-baiting crew of MSNBC (including Andrea Mitchell) smearing conservatives at every turn with the help of editied videos is controversial.  Nope, only right-wing folks are controversial and of course, "out of the mainstream," or at least that's what the can't argue/violent inducing/class divisive left wants you to believe.  They own the narrative (or so they think) so they decide who has the moral compass.

Now it's Mitt Romney's turn to now have to defend an accurate statement that the left doesn't like to be seen as legitimate, as it forces them to defend their elitism and dependency on government.  Once again, in an infinitum degree of examples, the press ignores anything that contradicts or embarrasses President Obama, while at the same time clarifying and apologizing for the Great, God-like Linguist.  Unfortunately for the Obama and the Dems, Romney said nothing wrong.  But perpetual Obama ass-kisser Chris Matthews and the rest of MSNBC  (as well as the rest of the liberal media universe) will tell you Romney is racist because apparently only blacks depend on the government (thanks to the GOP of course for putting them in that situation-as well as the DNC love them being in that situation as they can continue their mantra of "you need us") and that was who Romney was obviously talking about, right?

These people will stop at nothing.  They know Romney is right, but too much time invested in covering and apologizing for Obama will keep them under the blanket of wilful ignorance and cowardice.


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