Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reid Doubles Down

Since Weasel Harry Reid was busted for his pathetic lie about Mitt Romney not paying taxes for 10 years (about which we find out not only did he pay his taxes, but his charitable donations absolutely dwarf those pathetic attempts at "giving" by both Obama and Biden-and especially the 0.1 percent of Al Gore-who apparently cares about cap and trade, I mean, the planet more than those less fortunate than himself) no one on the left, not one member of Congress, not one "journalist," not one celebrity (with the exception of Jon Stewart) has taken Reid to the woodshed for his contemptuous bullsh*t-fest. 

Now that his one millionth lie has been exposed, instead of admitting his mistake and apologizing tp Romney, he's still pathetically, yet predictably trying to spin more sticky webs of deciet. 
The weasely one is simply compounding his reasons to kick him out of office-that unfortunately will never happen due to his spell on the weak-minded and foolish he calls constituents.


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