Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not A Word from Left about Violent Rhetoric of Malloy

Is anyone, and I mean even the most supposed "open-minded, tolerant  liberal" disgusted that this Mike Malloy, the hate-filled, dishonest, center of misinformation is still on the air to spew his totalitarian opinions and violent rhetoric?  I'm not talking about taking him off the air, because that would be a cowardly left-wing thing to do.  I'm simply asking how in the world (and who was high enough) to allow this imbecile on the air in the first place.  Do your own check on this guy, but according to Talkers Magazine, Malloy isn't even in the top 250 radio personalities in the U.S.

So why do I care about what this idiot says, especially since given his lack of national notoriety?  I don't really.  I'm just amazed that, much like Chris Matthews, where is the outrage from the left when he starts in on his violent-laden tirades and wishes for death among people with which he does not agree?  Now Malloy is calling for the death of Tea Partiers vis a vie beheadings.
But of course, as usual when a left-wing lunatic rambles on about who he or she would like to see dead, not a peep out of the "fairness doctrine" people.  Maybe that's because with most liberals who preach their holier than thou platitudes, they agree with Rachel Maddow who opined that liberals love his "dark thoughts."

The mind of a liberal, folks.


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