Thursday, December 13, 2012

Climate Change Update

And the update is...that it's no longer climate change.  Nope, it's not global warming again either.  Since the paranoid lunatics (some who think "Climate change" denial read: non-sheep intelligence/common sense-should be diagnosed as a mental deficiency) can't make up enough lies, brandish phony numbers and hockey stick graphs and give enough children nightmares, and all the while trying to guilt people into cap & trade and other bologna  scams to "save the planet," while they remove your money from your children's future, at the same time eroding your liberty.

The new name for the paranoid sheep out there?  Global Climate Disruption.  Oh, different channel, same tired show complete with lame guilt trips and one-sided "scientific" evaluations championed by ignorant "news" people and unethical "scientists."

Remember, Dr. Frankenstein and Eduard Wirths were "scientists" too.


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