Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Reason the Left Sees No Violence on Their End?

Because they simply ignore it.  And worse, agree with it.  Case after case after case of left-wing violence; from Foot Hood, Times Square all the way to Benghazi and to recent Union thug violence.  Whether it be left-wing union violence, occupy, violent pro-Socialism protests or apologizing and enabling Islamo-fascism, the left-wing lunatics of every sort continues to promote violence against the left, while projecting their hatred, exploits, excuses and pseudo-rage on the right-especially the Tea Party, who to my knowledge has yet to receive as much as a parking ticket.

The usual suspects (that is the liberal media as a whole) but today MSNBC's Martin Bashir in particular, have once again shown their complete and utter disregard for truth and objectivity when it comes to their own obvious and remorseless bias and hatred for anything and anyone that dares to disagree with them or exposes the fault in their "logic."

Right on cue, the Obamedia is quick to come to the defense of anything the Republicans put forth, regardless if it does any good or not.  It's not like the GOP authored some sort of healthcare bill that was just thrust at the American people without explaining it to them before signing it into law after lying, misleading and confusing people about it's contents and long-term results, not to mention the staggering, economy-killing, middle-class-crushing results of its implementation.

Andrea Mitchell did her usual badgering of Republicans, as well as CNN's resident Obama apologist Soledad O'Brien.

FOX News and pajamas Media contributor Steven Crowder got a taste of the left-wing supported, union violence.

Michelle Malkin reminds us of Barack Obama's penchant for ignoring everything big union violent.

Everything.  Everything the GOP suggests, the left shoots down.  And the right are "obstructionists."  How is the public supposed to be informed when the liberal media reflectively casts the Republicans as the enemy of the people on every single matter while punching other people in the face with no condemnation from their handlers?


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