Sunday, January 20, 2013

GMA Doesn't Mention Indicted Nagin as Democrat

Same ol', same 'ol.

Remember Ray Nagin?  The same Ray Nagin that labeled President George W. Bush a racist for not reacting "quick enough" to Hurricane Katrina?  The same Ray Nagin that neglected to bug out New Orleans citizens on rows upon rows of available, waiting school buses before the storm hit?

Well, it seems that Nagin himself is a traitor to his "own people" as he has been indicted on corruption charges related to a kickback scheme after Hurricane Katrina.  His party affiliation?  If you didn't already know, you wouldn't be any the wiser if you watched ABC's Good Morning America's reporting on it.  Not once did GMA utter Nagin's political allegiance, like they always do when a Republican is caught in a scandal.

And as usual, the rest of the left-wing media family followed suit and kept Nagin's political affiliation a secret from the masses of uninformed voters.

Keep on keeping on, MSM.


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