Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dishonest Morgan Still Loses Gun Debate Even with Loaded Panel and Audience

After having been thoroughly defeated (but typically unhumbled) by Ben Shapiro on his own show Piers Morgan Tonight on the gun debate, the cowardly dishonest Piers Morgan tried to stack the deck in his favor by loading the panel and his audience with gun crime victims.  Not to say these people don't have a valid point in this debate, but that's exactly what Morgan was counting on.  He was counting on the tears rolling and the emotions flying.  Never mind that debates require facts to and fro and not emotionally charged rhetoric.  That matters not to Morgan.  He doesn't care about gun control or people's welfare.  All he cares about is his legacy of being the voice of reason even though statistics and history dictate he most certainly is not.

The point of all this, at least in Morgan's case?  To seek revenge for his ego upon Shapiro for being decimated to the point of muteness the first time they met on air.  Once again the left proves their frailty.  They simply cannot deal with real facts.


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