Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Worse than Al Jazeera?

According to Glenn Beck, the former FOX News host and best-selling author, the fraudulent Al Gore, Jr, who we all know to be the "champion" of the environment and capitalism as it turns out getting (more) rich off of Global Warming sheep, not to mention avoiding 2012 taxes on the selling of Current TV to al Jazeera;  would rather sell Current TV to the Terrorist News Network than to anyone associated with FOX News.  The myth has grown that big folks.  Everybody knows that more truth and objectivity comes from the media arm of al Qaeda than the right-wing American news network.
Yep.  Patriotism unchained from Al Gore.

Who exactly are the enemy again?

From the O'Reilly/Beck interview:

O'Reilly: Well that’s what I want to say. How do you process it personally when you’re more loathsome to Al Gore than guys who glorify Osama bin Laden?
BECK:  (laughing): As a badge of honor. I want that on my resume. I want it on my resume. It’s a badge of honor that I am more loathsome that I am not anywhere close to his agenda, close to his values but Al Jazeera is closer.
And this guy was almost President of the United States.  That about says it all.


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