Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Two Wounded in Theatre Shooting in San Antonio; Armed Off Duty Cop Stops Suspect-Media Mum

Maybe idiots like Piers Morgan who want the death of even more children..and woman...and home owners will have their Communist dream of unarming law-obeying citizens come to fruition.  It will never happen of course, so Morgan and his ilk can go on calling Americans who disagree with him "idiots" and "mass murder enablers" while his type go on judging people when they live safe and care-free in their ivory towers along with their armed guards.  Or the type like Dianne Feinstein who when confronted with violence themselves, purchase a firearm, while attempting to stop those who feel the same.

But what about the other shifty arms of the media machine?  You'd figure after Columbine, Ft. Hood, Aurora or Newtown, that someone would be looking for a feel-good story, or at least a story of a shooting that had minimum casualties; or how about no casualties (two injured) in another theatre shooting, this time in San Antonio, Texas.

Well that's what happened when a lone gunmen, walked into a theatre in the Texas city and opened fire on the crowd of movie-goers just three days after the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre.  Except you really didn't hear much about this one I bet (if at all).

And why is that?  Wasn't this a great opportunity by dicks like Morgan to reap more tyranny on a free people, to show yet another shooting that they can role out their pomp and circumstance of righteousness and moral certitude?  You know why they didn't?  Because there were no fatalities and the perpetrator was stopped by an armed off-duty police officer.  So either they didn't report it because there was no blood and gore, which makes them more ghoulish than even I thought possible, or the narrative of the story isn't what they wanted or hoped, that an armed person with a gun stopped a crime, but potentially more, which is again what the media were probably hoping for, which again makes them evil, disgusting ghouls.


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